Hiding from reality

Hi everyone…so I decided to try some blogs back in 2017 and then for no apparent reason stopped…I think mainly because I had a young child and was too busy either sewing or changing nappies….so anyway after listening to a Pod Cast (Fern Cotton Happy Place) I feel inspired to try again.

My worry was that they would be boring and not as exciting as everyone else but I’ve also come to realise that what interests some people doesn’t interest others so here goes…why not give it a try.

Now I imagine most of you are back at work and hopefully your feeling positive and motivated about this year but I decided to avoid reality a little longer and I’m actually writing this from my holiday 😊

Although I’m away I still find it hard to not think about work and what my hopes this year are so here are some of my 2019 goals:

  • To run lots of fun sewing parties
  • To be more organised and plan workshops further in advance (to make it easier for my customers)
  • To run some ‘skills’ workshops such as how to insert zips/buttonholes etc
  • To FINALLY make my Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress I brought back in October πŸ˜‚
  • I do have a couple of others but these are a little bit secret for now so keep your eyes peeled 😊

For now I will try and keep blogging…sometimes it will be random chat, sometimes more technical sewing advice but whatever it is I would love your comments…

Thanks Gem 😊

Infant pyjamas

Here’s another set of pyjamas I’ve made for my little girl…they’ve come up beautifully and even better she loves them.  I’m planning a pyjama party where you can come and create your own pyjamas or even come with your child and both get creating….further details will be posted on the workshop pages.

Thanks gem πŸ’•

Pyjama pretty

Here’s my latest make…this beautiful pair of pyjamas…a great LibertyΒ pattern to work from and lovely floral fabric with a contrasting cuff. Β I hope you love these and look out for future pyjama workshops πŸ’•




Welcome to my new site πŸ’• where you will find out all about my sewing workshops, after school sewing clubs and one to one lessons.

I have big plans for this business this year so please keep following….in the meantime happy sewing.

Thanks gem